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I got Married!

Huge life event - was the best weekend of my life in Catalina with all my loved ones! Erik and I got married August 25th and then we went to Kauai for our honeymoon.

First thing first, my heart is so full of love. Catalina weekend could not have been more beautiful. I'm really glad we had our wedding there because many of our guests, while long time California residents, have never even set foot on Catalina and it's actually such a beautiful place! The water is so clear, it's great for diving and snorkeling, and it's only a 1 hour ferry ride from Long Beach! Great weekend get away! 

I can't wait for our professional photographer to send us the photos however here are a few from my phone of the big day. 

We totally had a few wedding crashers as well ...these deers! 

And then afterwards we went to Kauai for our honeymoon...! 

Noted - do not go to a tropical island after it's just avoided a huge hurricane as run offs from the island will make the surrounding water brown and then you can't go into it because there may be a small viral bug that if it gets inside of you, you could die

Other than the brown waters, it was so relaxing to unplug and recharge. Kauai is such a beautiful island! One of the days we were able to hike to Queen's Bath and swim. We will be back there hopefully real soon to enjoy their poke, the views and snorkeling! 

So grateful for all these life events the past two weeks...

Now ready to take on the world even more.

Yours truly,

Mrs. Angela von Detten

Rent or Buy: What’s Right for You?

With talks of a shifting market in the next 18th months, I'm sure those on the fence are asking themselves rent or buy...

When considering a move, it’s always important to evaluate whether renting or buying makes sense for you at the moment. There are pros and cons to both, so how do you know what the right decision is for you and when? We compared the two options to help lead you in the right direction.

Benefits of Renting

Ability to “Test Drive” A Neighborhood—Maybe you want to try out an up-and-coming neighborhood, or just somewhere you’ve always wanted to live before you decide to make a long-term investment there. Give it a year to see how you like the area, it’s conveniences and your commute before making a purchase. 

Maintenance Costs and Repair Bills—There are certain expenses that renters are not responsible for because they fall on your landlord, such as water, sewer, garbage pickup, leaks and more. And if your super lives on site, they will take care of any small repairs that may come up, like unclogging a drain, replacing an outlet or patching or painting a wall. 

Real Estate Taxes—As a renter you don’t pay real estate or property taxes because you don’t own your residence and therefore it’s not an asset. Taxes can be tens of thousands of dollars a year, so avoiding this expense is a huge benefit of renting.

Life Change—If you anticipate a life change like getting married, having a family, or becoming an empty nester within the next 5 years, renting may be better suited for you right now. Until that life change happens and you know what your living needs will be, renting will give you some time to figure it out. 

No Down Payment—If you’re still working towards saving enough money for a down payment, renting is the way to go. Or, if you’d rather have that money in the bank for a rainy day you won’t have to put down an exceptionally large sum of money when you sign a lease. Usually first month’s rent and a security deposit are all that’s required. 

Benefits of Buying

Equity–Instead of paying rent each month, put that money towards an asset that you actually own and gets you equity, such as a home or apartment. Real estate is a great long-term investment. 

Tax Deductions–As a homeowner you are eligible for related tax deductions. Itemized deductions may include things like interest that you pay on your mortgage (the amount will depend on when you took out your mortgage), state and local property and income and sales taxes up to $10,000.  

Customize Your Space–If you’re addicted to HGTV or Pinterest you’ve probably fantasized about a home remodel or redecorating your master bedroom. As an owner, you won’t face the restrictions that you do in a rental. You have the freedom to showcase your style in every room of your home however you choose.

Return on Investment–Purchasing a property is a big investment, but in the long-term you will likely make a good return on your investment. The key is holding onto it for a long period of time. 

No Rent Increases–Unlike rent, a fixed mortgage can’t go up, even if inflation does.

Additional Factors to Consider

Still unsure of what to do? These questions may help get to your answer.

Down Payment–Do I have enough liquid money for a down payment? To avoid paying PMI (mortgage insurance) you’ll need at least 20% of the purchase price.

Affordability–Can I afford the monthly mortgage payment, common charges, maintenance fees, property tax in addition to the down payment? Be sure to run the numbers before you buy to ensure you’ll be able to cover your monthly expenses and still live comfortably and save money for the future.

Life Change–What is my 5-year plan? Do I anticipate any life changes that would require a change in space? Whether you’ll need an extra bedroom, a smaller home, or a change in location in the foreseeable future, renting might be the better choice for right now.

Return on Investment–How long do I need to stay in this home to see a return on my investment? Owning typically makes more financial sense than renting after 5–7 years, and the longer you stay the better your return will probably be.

Contact me today to chat if Renting or Buying is best for you! 

Free Summer Concerts in the Marina

Who doesn't love a free concert? And right in Marina del Rey! 


Just attended my first free summer concert series at Burton Chace Park and how awesome was it! It's perfect for your family or friends. You can bring chairs or blankets and definitely bring a jacket because it always gets cold at night by the marina. It's perfect in the summertime also to have a little picnic 

This concert was an opera performance and the Culver City symphony! They were amazing! 

They also do shows on Saturday nights as well. The next big name is Katherine McPhee and she'll be performing August 9th at 7 pm! 

I'll be there - see you there hopefully! 

5 Best International Cities to Live With a Family

Alright, you know how much I love to travel - and yes I too have contemplated where would I live if I were to move internationally. 

Lucky for you & me, my brokerage was able to compile a list for us and the pros & cons. 

If you’ve ever considered moving your family to a metropolis on the other side of the world you may have asked yourself ‘do good places to visit make good places to live?’ That worldly metropolis you’re hoping to call home should indeed have all the short-term wonders that excite your family from the get-go. But there are more important things to consider than allure and excitement. In fact, it’s things like health and well-being, childcare and integration opportunities that will help determine whether a destination will be a good long-term fit.

Top-10 lists of exciting places to live are one thing, but what you will actually experience in those locales matters most. So to help you get a feel for which of the world’s great cities are best for you and your family, we not only looked at numerous lists and data such as HSBC’s Offshore Offspringreport and Mercer Consulting’s “Top 25 Cities for Quality of Life,” we also turned to multiple home owners, jetsetters, expats, and brave world travelers. The result: our—and your—Top 5 Family-Friendly Cities to relocate to, with insights into each city and, most important, connections to resources and expats living there who can help you look before you leap. —by Cameron Swain

1. Vienna


Vienna is a city of neighborhoods. Choosing your municipal district can define your lifestyle. Want to live close to the city’s largest green space and great running paths and have a comfortable space for your young family? Pick the 3rd (Landstraße) or the 4th (Wieden) district. Want to introduce your kids to a hip and happening scene (a place where Mommy and Daddy won’t go mad amid a sea of strollers)? Consider the 6th (Mariahilf ), the 7th (Neubau), or the 8th (Josefstadt). If suburbs and wealth are your thing, head to the 13th (Hietzing), the 19th (Döbling), or the 18th (Währing).

You can read more about the rest of the cities: Zurich, Hong Kong, Singapore and Munich on our Elliman Insider by clicking here

Babes for Boobs

The 4th annual Babes for Boobs live auction was so fun last week! Saving lives and ending breast cancer is the ultimate goal and in doing so - a live auction for a date with a bachelor was a fun way to support it! 


There were many booths set up giving out free samples, free hair/makeup touchups, nail polish, jewelry, healthy snacks, photo booth and even a silent auction as well! 

So much fun - my friend even won! Congrats to her! 

I enjoyed a complimentary hair touchup! 


You can click here for their link to get involved or get more information! 

3 Tips on How to Stage Your Home With Art


Each year during New York’s spring art fair season, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the galleries and exhibitions in search of their next piece to refresh or complete their spaces.

After you’ve made the rounds at The Armory ShowThe Art Show, or Frieze New York you may be walking home with a few new prized possessions. But how do you incorporate it into your space?

Choosing the right artwork might be a daunting task, but there are a few simple tricks you can keep in mind to ensure your art highlights your unique home in the best way.


Ask the Expert

When it comes to staging art in your home, nobody knows the do’s and don’ts better than the experts at Interior Marketing Group. As the largest, full-service design and marketing firm in the United States, IMG has staged art in some of the world’s more luxurious homes.

“When it comes to displaying artwork in the home, proportion is everything. It’s important to select pieces that compliment the size of the walls they are being displayed on,” says Cheryl Eisen, Founder & CEO.

In my opinion, the bigger canvas the better. Try to max out the amount of wall space you can cover.

Eisen, whose company has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalGood Housekeeping and Vogue, spoke with Elliman to give our readers a few tips.

1. Gallery Walls

When creating gallery walls, feel free to mix up the size and orientation of the frames. But, do use the same color frames and wide matting. I find the best gallery walls feature close up black and white family photos.

2. Color Balance

When you’re designing a room with colorfully painted walls, stick to black and white art to balance the palette.

3. Sculpture Art

Sculptural elements don’t always have to be on pedestals. They can find a place on coffee tables or credenzas to incorporate them more into the design.

You can find more tips on Elliman Insider here