3 Tips on How to Stage Your Home With Art


Each year during New York’s spring art fair season, hundreds of thousands of people flock to the galleries and exhibitions in search of their next piece to refresh or complete their spaces.

After you’ve made the rounds at The Armory ShowThe Art Show, or Frieze New York you may be walking home with a few new prized possessions. But how do you incorporate it into your space?

Choosing the right artwork might be a daunting task, but there are a few simple tricks you can keep in mind to ensure your art highlights your unique home in the best way.


Ask the Expert

When it comes to staging art in your home, nobody knows the do’s and don’ts better than the experts at Interior Marketing Group. As the largest, full-service design and marketing firm in the United States, IMG has staged art in some of the world’s more luxurious homes.

“When it comes to displaying artwork in the home, proportion is everything. It’s important to select pieces that compliment the size of the walls they are being displayed on,” says Cheryl Eisen, Founder & CEO.

In my opinion, the bigger canvas the better. Try to max out the amount of wall space you can cover.

Eisen, whose company has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street JournalGood Housekeeping and Vogue, spoke with Elliman to give our readers a few tips.

1. Gallery Walls

When creating gallery walls, feel free to mix up the size and orientation of the frames. But, do use the same color frames and wide matting. I find the best gallery walls feature close up black and white family photos.

2. Color Balance

When you’re designing a room with colorfully painted walls, stick to black and white art to balance the palette.

3. Sculpture Art

Sculptural elements don’t always have to be on pedestals. They can find a place on coffee tables or credenzas to incorporate them more into the design.

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