#FoodFriday: Marugame Udon

This place just opened up about 2 weeks ago and is the hottest new udon spot in town. Their udon is so soft and freshly made there on the spot. You literally see them make it right next to where you order. 

Located on Sawtelle where all the other delicious Asian restaurants are, the style is reminiscent of Lemonade (right next door) in the way of cafeteria style! I thought ordering was going to be hard because there were big menus in my face, but the lady was very nice and showed me how it was broken up in 3 sections: one for udon, one for fried foods and the last one for rice bowls - oh yes and drinks last but not least. 

I ordered what the lady said was most popular... #5 on the menu NIKUTAMA UDON (hot). Softest udon I've had in a long time and very flavorful soup base to compliment it. My sister and I also ordered a couple of the fried foods. I think they could make the a little bit warmer. 

Definitely worth checking out if you're in the Sawtelle area. And they have a parking lot in the back with valet!