#FoodFriday: Little Fluffy Head Cafe

Attended the soft opening Tuesday evening to check out the new boba drinks in town - downtown to be exact...and it was yummy! 

They've got these amazing tea flavors (13 to be exact) and incredibly fresh. What's so special about these boba teas compared to the regular milk tea kind is that they put this special whipped cheese foam on the top of the drink. And then to top it off, they have this special lid for drinking which gives you a taste of the cheese in every sip. 

I know, CHEESE in my boba drink!?! Weird right, but trust me - give it a shot before judging! You'll be pleasantly surprised! 

I think my favorite is probably the Camouflage Matcha! A perfect blend of matcha and the cheese - and of course it looks really pretty! 

The Rose Oolong was my second favorite and naturally the jasmine green tea is always a recommendation! 

I'll be back to try the other flavors real soon!