It Feels Good To Be Home

Surpriseeeeee- I’m Back! 

I totally took a little time off for work and pleasure these last couple of weeks and I gotta say, it feels great to relax and recharge…and it feels even better to come back to real life ready to be unstoppable with new energy.

The theme of all the traveling I’ve recently taken can be summed up in two words: TOTALLY GRATEFUL. 

If you don’t like cheese, you can stop reading here as I’m about to cheese it. 

Gratefulness - in my recent travels to Cuba, then Vegas for work, and lastly a family road trip on Route 66 from California to Illinois, I’ve been shaken with gratefulness. I’m so thankful for my healthy body, my supporting family, my amazing boyfriend, my incredible colleagues, my awesome clients and all the little things. Haha look at me - its not even Thanksgiving yet! ;p 

All in all, I hope you get to take time or a moment away from your day to day and find what you’re grateful for. It’s an amazing feeling :) 

Thank you!