Sea of Dreams

Oh yea I took my parents and they enjoyed themselves very much! 

Oh yea I took my parents and they enjoyed themselves very much! 

They made dreams come true here at Costa Palmas. I recently had the opportunity to stay at the a private cabana to tour the new Four Seasons Residences located on the cape of Baja. 

What's been in the works and is growing one day closer to completion every day is an unbelievable Four Seasons Resort. It is the first Four Seasons with its own marina. Those traveling by sea will finally have a place to stop by before La Paz.  

Not only is there going to be this resort with amazing restaurants, pools, spas... they are also building vacation homes which will be known as the Four Seasons Residences. The design, amenities and service is unparalleled to anything else I've experienced. Members can enjoy a private Costa Palmas beach club, yacht club and of course, the amenities at the resort as well.

Our time spent there was short and oh so sweet. Upon arriving, the service of welcoming us was so gracious. Five plus stars I'm telling you! Currently, they have 4 private cabanas for guests who are interested in Residences and tours to reside in for their stay. The views...the views...the views. The moon rises when the sun has not set - the place is so magical!

On our way to snorkel! 

On our way to snorkel! 

The tour of the development happening there is eye-opening. You truly get to see how majestic the mountains and sea come together. My favorite are the Ocean view residences. Every floor gets ocean view and an infinity pool...I mean come on! 

One of the coolest things about this part of Cabo is that the water is so still. I literally went 90 mph on the jetset and no gripping onto the handles - sooooo smooth! And any water activity you had in mind, yup they have it! Any drink you want, yes of course they have it. 

Oh my god - and the food in insane out of this world. It's fresh farm to table. We had the most delicious meals I've had in a long long time - I walked away patting my full belly, smiling and so thankful for such an scrumptious meal. 

For me, pictures do say 1000 words so I want to show you a little bit of our time there. However, I would recommend if you are truly interested in this experience and what it would be like to be a proud homeowner of one of their residences, please contact me! 

Needless to say - I'll be back there soon! 

You can visit their website for more photos and details here