Enchanting retreat...in Santa Monica

You literally feel like you took a trip to the mountains, but really you just drove through the canyons in Santa Monica. This house is incredible! Besides the address (san-ba) in Mandarin being a funny ha-ha moment, the property itself is one of the coolest ones I've seen all year. It's so unique! 

Located in the iconic Uplifters Ranch neighborhood of Rustic Canyon this home offers 6 bedrooms 6 bathrooms about 6,200 sq ft. It sits on a lot about 26,000 sq ft and of course, has it's own outdoor wood grill and jacuzzi. 

When you walk through this property, it feels homey and takes you on an adventure at the same time - that feeling combo is rare, guys! It was a real treat to walk through this property and if you'd like to buy it, it is available for $7,995,000! Call me :)!