Happy Lunar New Year!

Or really, Happy Chinese New Year! It's the Year of the Rooster!

So excited to celebrate the New Year again. It's always fun to find out what day CNY actually lands on because it is based on the Lunar calendar. New Year's day would fall sometime between January 21 and February 20. 

In China, the people celebrate with fireworks, traditional lion dances, bells ringing and reunion dinners. Something they also do there is sweep their houses away of bad fortune and many take off a couple of weeks off work to go home to see their families. 

One of my favorite traditions about CNY is the red envelopes. It's tradition to receive these red envelopes stuffed with "lucky" money and good wishes for the New Year. I remember receiving these from my grandparents and parents when I was younger. However, the rule is that when you become older and are making money, it's expected of you to now be the one to give the red envelopes to young nieces/nephews and your elders. 

If you're out in Santa Monica this Saturday (from 2 - 6 pm), 3rd Street will be celebrating with lots of cool entertainment and best of all, it's all free! You can check out more info on their website here