Curious about the Real Estate market in 2017?

Say no more! My brokerage breaks down the outlook for real estate in 2017 in a call in 6 points. 

1. Housing Market Normalization:
Healthy transactions with more pricing stability.

2. Rising Interest Rate Landscape:
Interest rates rise and begin to reduce buyer purchasing power.

3. Converging demographics Prime the Engine:
Millennials and Boomers begin to dominate the real estate consumer landscape..

4. Lack of Affordability Drives New Growth Markets:
Priced-out buyers will unlock value in new geographic markets.

5. Rent v. Buy – Analysis Paralysis:
Steady rents and historically low rates will force buyers to get off the fence.

6. Wildcard – Trump:
Can the US remain a β€œflight to quality” under Trump and a volatile geopolitical landscape?

You can listen to the full recording here!  Enjoy!