Best Decision Ever & I Want To Share!

A week ago I did something I've been dreaming of doing ever since I heard about it. Yes, I went ahead and got LASIK surgery for my eyes!! πŸ‘€ Best Decision I've Ever Made and I'm so grateful and thankful to be a candidate for it. The process was so so easy that I would be doing a disservice if I didn't share about it.

#1. Find a great doctor who you can trust. I was referred by a friend to Dr. Maloney. Things I loved about their institute: Friendly staff, easy to navigate website, easy to call with questions, location was close by to my work and home, and lastly, tons of great positive reviews.

#2. Get a consultation to find out if you're a candidate for this surgery. The consultation takes a long time because they'll need to run a lot of tests. Some places do consultations for free or if there's a charge and if you're a candidate, the cost is applied to your surgery.

#3. [ Once Approved as a Candidate ] Day of the surgery, the nurse will prep you by giving you a sedative right before your surgery. She'll prep your eyes and numb them with special eye drops. Mind you, you're awake for all of this (so crazy)! Then once you're ready to go in the surgery room, the doctor comes in, conducts the surgery (takes less than 5 minutes per eye) and voila, it's done!

I highly recommend going to surgery with someone as you'll need some assistance getting to a car or Uber!

Recovery was so short - I was at work the next day with my 20/15 vision! It's incredible to wake up and see crisp leaves outside. I highly recommend : )

You can research more information on Dr. Maloney's website here!