#FoodFriday: Barcito

One of my favorite things that Los Angeles restaurants do is DINE LA. It used to only be once a year however due to its popularity, they made it twice a year!

The reason why I love this is because restaurants that team up with this allow for people to try many different items from their menu at a set price and there's tons of restaurants to choose from every time. (literally the list is endless)!

I had the chance to try out Barcito in Downtown LA and it was totally worth the drive over there in traffic 😜!

Chicken liver (amazing), steak that melted off, perfectly grilled shrimp, incredible white chocolate mousse and my favorite... *drum roll please* ... caramel filled churros with chocolate!

The menu did not disappoint AND this restaurant is cool in that they've adopted this European style of "no tips"! Who would complain! This restaurant has 2 locations so be sure to check it out when you can :).