From Lust to Gluttony

It seems like yesterday the weekend trips with friends to Sin city included highlights of enjoying the best time with the girlfriends and looking at cute boys and now today, all I look forward to is the buffet!

One of my favorite quick weekend trips to get out of LA is the one and only Las Vegas. I love how convenient it is to get there from where I live, either a quick 4 hour drive or an hour flight. I'm not a big gambler, in fact, I don't even know how to play, however the best part for me was and will always be the dancing! I love to dance dance dance!

On a recent trip, I came to the realization that these trips have changed for me. From the days that I would wake up and be excited to go dancing by the pool, to finding out what time the buffet opens and will there be a long line or not? He he... Vegas, you're always so good to me and for that, I will keep going back as our relationship grows! :p