Nails Are Bad for Pottery Class

"Hey! Want to do a pottery class with me? My friend's a teacher and it'll be so fun! We can re-enact the Ghost scene. Do you want to be Demi or Patrick?"

I took a pottery class for the first time recently and it was beyond fun! My good friend Bailey taught myself and a couple of girlfriends in a private class to make some bowls (bowls are the easiest things to make). I made high expectations for a "cereal" bowl...and later that turned into a portion-size controlled bowl haha. We signed up for classes via email very easily and you can too if you want to check out their website for more info: If you plan to sign up for a private class, ask for Bailey -- he's the best (I am bias, he is my friend 😜)! The class takes about an hour and after you complete your pieces, they'll call you in a couple of weeks to pick up your artwork.


Needless to say, I was as proud as a 3 yr old Picasso would be!

As we grow older, I am a strong advocate for adults not forgetting their childish sides. Never stop learning and having fun. :)