Do a S'well thing for the World!

Since I do pilates every morning, I was starting to notice that too many times I would find my back seat looking overwhelmed with empty water bottles. Now I know there are so many bottles out there that can solve this problem easily however, I've tried them all and they just weren't great. Either they would start to taste funny or my water would get warm or I just found it not attractive.

Well my colleague Jessie was chatting about this new product with me recently and I am so glad I bought it and hope you do too if you have the same problem I have. of the BEST decisions I've ever made in my life (for myself and planet Earth)!


This stainless steel water bottle is the game changer. It literally keeps your water cold for 24 hours and your hot for 12 hours. No gimmick haha! I personally don't like hot anything so the cold was amazing to me! One of my biggest fits about the other bottles was how it didn't keep my water cold and I love cold water as much as I love residential real estate. AND it's so personable! They have so many different designs on their website and they even make great gifts if you're not buying for yourself.

Mine is "Sparkling Champagne" 😊