The Greatest Exercise for Ex-Dancers & Gymnasts

2 months ago, my very good friend asked if I wanted to join her for a pilates class in Santa Monica. Never having done a class before and always excited try new things, my answer was an obvious YES of course!

I walked into a very clean studio on 7th & Broadway and immediately felt good vibes...or it could've been their big neon lights telling me my thoughts!

Neon signs or none, I knew I was in for a treat and was not disappointed! The class was challenging in so many ways: using the reformer machine, using your own body weight, stretching (yes the stretching brought back the years of dancing) and they play amazing music in the background. I walked out of class that day signing up for a month pass (they've got a great deal for unlimited 1 month - check it out at

Now it's been 2 months since I've been going and pronounced myself a regular going every morning 6:15 am five days a week. Not only do I stay fit and lean, but I'm starting to see the physical change on my body!

This is my latest healthy addiction! 😜 I always say try something once, you never know if you'll love or hate it, or gain a new healthy obsession!