Love to cook & Don't like to Clean? Try This!

The Gourmandise School in Santa Monica! Can you believe right here in our local neighborhood is this incredible cooking school (made for anyone - singles, couples, classes, chefs, parties, etc) that guarantees a fun time! 

I've taken 2 classes here for the past two weeks: one was Southern Food and the other was Cuban Food...both incredibly fun! It's hidden on the 3rd floor of the mall at 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica (right next to the new Arclight theater). 

Every month they teach so many different styles of cooking, both savory and sweet, and even baking classes as well! So basically, you could to class emptied handed (or BYOB), and your station is already set up by the class. An instructor will guide you step by step through the recipes and share skills with you if you're interested. By the end of your 3 hour class, you've made about 4 foods to enjoy AND the best part is you don't have to clean!!! They will clean everything up for you! I highly recommend checking it out. They do morning, afternoon and evening classes too! 

For more info - visit their website here! Bon Appetite!